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Growing up as a child of two creative and quite unstable artist parents, I was raised in the cult of the Jehovah's Witnesses. Happily I have been out of this very destructive cult for over fifteen years now. My life was full of uncertainty. I was constantly uprooted with my three siblings and moved to different states and even different countries, Guatemala and Belize, to be missionary’s. My eldest sister Lorraine, older brother Lincoln, Josh, my little brother and I, all moved 
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Ross Farrell
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Select the photo you like best to be printed in any of the available materials. The result will be spectacular and unique.

» Finishes
   - Canvas
   - Perspex
   - Aluminium
   - Paper
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» Color  (View all)
blue, yellow, orange, green, brown, black,...
» Subject  (View all)
architecture, nature, landscapes, abstract,...
» Shape  (View all)
panoramic, horizontal, vertical, square, column
» Genre  (View all)
abstract, contemporary, surrealism, hiperrealism,...
» Art Techniques  (View all)
photography, painting, drawing and illustration,...
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